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Basic Health Indicators and Stats from PAHO

PAHO has a great history turning towards the spirit of stimulation of technical cooperation in health for various states in the US. This organization has greatly helped different countries to work in collaboration towards the common health goals. There are time to time health ventures conducted in Central America, Andean Region, South Region and the Caribbean areas.

There are many practical advantages of Pan American Health Organization and it has helped millions of people during tough times. The recent example is their help for Hurricane Mitch and if you seek the facts, there will be hundreds of cases getting benefitted by PAHO. The organization also helps in spreading scientific information through the publication programs through libraries, documentation and local health care centers.

Basic Health Indicators and Stats from PAHO

Basic Health Indicators:

The data in 2014 statistics revealed the following points:

Information of 50 countries and territories in the US with fifty nine basic indicators

PAHO Regional plan progress summary for maintaining various heath and vital statistics

Map of the America showing death registration by Country

Birth and Death coverage were highly taken care of by PAHO and the data was prepared to determine goals and development with regard to development in health sector.

Health Observatory

PAHO has provided a base for monitoring and accessing the health situation of people in different territories and the data analysis is made from the different sources. There is execution of projects of various agencies, including:

United Nations
Government Foundations
World Bank
Inter-American Development Bank

There is promotion of integral approach for resolving health problems and increasing the capacity for health improvement. It can promote integration, awareness and importance of health among people. PAHO also aims at training health workers by conducting various courses, seminars and fellowships. There are various databases designed, including health indicators, health programs, mortality database, morbidity, resources and much more.