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What is PAHO?

PAHO refers to Pan American Health Organization. This is the oldest International Public Health Agency in the world and was founded in the year 1902. The main aim behind this organization is to provide technical cooperativeness and mobilization of various agencies for improvement of health of individuals and maintain their quality of life in the regions of the United States of America.

PAHO also serves the purpose of Regional Office for WHO (World Health Organization) in the US. It is a member of United Nations (UN) along with WHO. PAHO is the agency of Inter-related American states and works to collect information and stats for the organizations.

PAHO Secretariat is also termed as PASB (Pan American Sanitary Bureau) and it is indeed the oldest and most successful health agency in the whole world. The basic functioning of Bureau is to provide technical support and leadership to the member states associated with PAHO. The goal is to pursue health services for everyone. The group runs with different values, vision and mission guidance.

What is PAHO

Values of PAHO:

Excellence- Achievement of highest quality outputs in whatever they do

Equity- Fair and legitimate laws

Solidarity- Sharing interests and responsibilities with collective efforts

Integrity- Ethical and transparent performance

Respect- Maintaining diversity and dignity of individuals, groups and nations


Pan American Sanitary Bureau is the major thing for ensuring the best health and well being of families of people of the USA.


There are collaborative efforts made by associated partners and member states for promotion of health equity, disease management and improvement of quality of life and lives of the Americans.

PAHO works the whole way to give best ways to maintain good health and prohibit diseases among the people of the United States. It is indeed the gem with regard to the Americans to track and maintain the health of Americans.